GAEA’s Subsidiary DW Licenses its Touch-Based MOBA Control System to NetEase

16 Dec 2019

Guangzhou, May 22, 2017 – DW, a Gaea Mobile subsidiary, developer of the pioneer Chinese mobile multiplayer-online-battle-arena (MOBA) game Ace of Arenas, has licensed its patented Joystick/Target Wheel game control system to NetEase, Inc (NASDAQ:NTES).



The two companies together announced the collaboration at NetEase Games’ annual press conference. The license deal also signaled that consumers may expect more refined mobile MOBA and ARPG games from China in the near future.


What is the Joystick/Target Wheel game control system?

The Joystick/Target Wheel system is a unique game control system designed for MOBA games on mobile and tablets. Traditional MOBA games on PC adopt an accurate “tap-to-move” control; gamers move by tapping the ground, and attack by tapping the enemy and choosing the skill with mouse and keyboard.


However, the touch-based control system invents a “swipe-to-move, tap to attack” approach which allows gamers to easily manage moving, attacking and targeting with only two thumbs. Today, this design can be found in most popular mobile MOBA games in China.



First in China gaming history

Holding a patented control system is rare for a Chinese game developer, and this licensing deal is the first in China’s mobile game industry. The deal shows an increase in public acknowledgment of both DW studio and intellectual property rights in gaming.


Patented in Dec 2015, the Joystick/Target Wheel control system has now been recognized in various countries including Japan and Korea. DW and GAEA also expressed their ambition to continue to push innovation to gamers worldwide.


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