Ace of Arenas Major Update and Global Release

16 Dec 2019

The time for waiting is now over! Gaea is proud to announce that Ace of Arenas will be available for download everywhere as of 9.24, so get ready to join the battle.

Innovative Controls
Ace of Arenas innovative control system means it doesn’t matter whether you’re using a phone or a tablet - target selection, attack and movement are optimized for precise, real time gaming.

A diverse roster of 28 champions is available, from sword wielding warriors to element-manipulating wizards. A changing weekly free rotation ensures that you can find the right champion for your play style.

Use gems, talent stones and weapons to increase and alter your champion’s attributes, bringing added excitement to games. A wide variety of skins add extra depth to an already wide champion selection.

Ace of Arenas has multiple modes available for you to play, whether you’re looking for a furious clash in 1v1 or Vs. Bot mode or a half hour battle in 3v3. There is also a room function in the game, meaning you’ll be able to organize games with and against friends. Ranked battles will be our latest feature, bringing the challenge to Ace of Arenas top players.

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