GAEA Acquires Kabam's Classic Mobile Games and Publishing Business

16 Dec 2019

GAEA Acquires Kabam's Classic Mobile Games and Publishing Business

GAEA continues to increase global growth, while Kabam continues focus on new titles


BEIJING, Feburary 27th, 2017 – GAEA, an emerging interactive entertainment and mobile game company, and Kabam Inc., a leading global developer and publisher, announced today that Gaea Mobile will acquire Kabam's classic mobile games. This includes high profile titles such as Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North, The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth, and Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon, as well as a number of games in Kabam's third-party publishing business.


Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.


GAEA is considered one of the most promising interactive companies this year, with a strong determination to expand globally. Since opening last year, it has already produced many successful hits. GAEA is also currently acquiring IPs and development teams and working as a publishing agent to bring games to the world.


GAEA co-founder and COO Glevis Yang said: "This acquisition helps promote the vision of GAEA  and its global development and publishing, and strengthens the understanding of international products. It also helps secure our foothold in these regional markets. GAEA will continue to innovate and produce top games for our players around the globe. We look forward to collaborating with Kabam and teams from Hollywood even more in the future.”


After concluding this transaction, GAEA will embrace a large number of European and American gamers. These games will be under GAEA's elite development team, which will also strengthen their abilities. Currently GAEA has many games going through final testing that will be brought to players around the world.


Earlier this year, GAEA launched DOTA Arena in Korea, which ranked top 3 in the N-Store and T-store. In addition, it ranked in the top 8 in revenue for the Google Play store. Another game by GAEA, Ace of Arenas, had great reviews by media at E3 in the U.S. and at Gstar in Korea.  It has been featured on the Apple store as the first mobile MOBA game from China.


"The growth of GAEA has impressed us and we feel they are the best place for our legacy games. We trust in them that they will do a great job with our games as we focus on our newer mobile titles," said Kent Wakeford, Kabam's Chief Operating Officer.


This acquisition is an advantage to both GAEA and Kabam. These great games are now in good hands, which means Kabam can focus more on their newer games. GAEA can add these great games to its portfolio, which will help not only their growth, but that of the Chinese game industry as well. This acquisition is also a key stepping stone for GAEA to acquire more games and more IPs. In 2016, GAEA will launch several new titles based on world-famous pop culture franchises, TV shows, and movies.


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